Causes of Skinny Difficult Body, Despite Exercising

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Causes of Skinny Difficult Body, Despite Exercising

The two main keys to losing weight are exercise and healthy eating. However, in some cases, it was found that there was someone who had exercised or exercised but had not yet lost weight. What causes the body’s difficulty being thin despite exercising?

Diet or diet plays a very important role in a weight loss program. Diet itself is regulating the diet to get the desired body shape.

The main principle of the diet for weight loss is to increase protein intake and reduce carbohydrate and fat intake.

Because protein can suppress appetite, increase calorie burning, and can prevent muscle shrinkage due to reduced calorie intake.

The Causes of Skinny Difficult Bodies, Not Just Exercise

The simple principle to lose weight is that the body burns more calories than the calories it enters. For this reason, diet is very important for weight loss.

Not only diet but exercise is also very important to lose weight. There are so many exercise methods for diet programs.

However, not a few who claimed that they had done the exercises but did not want to lose weight? Maybe the following are some of the causes of the body’s difficulty being thin despite exercising.

1. Incorrect practice

Because they want to lose weight, many concentrates on exercises in the abdominal muscles. Like many crunches, planks, or sit-ups. Remember, losing weight is the same as you need to reduce body fat, not just the abdomen.

To overcome this problem, you should combine weight training and cardio.

Cardio training can help speed up metabolism and make your body burn more calories even when resting.

If your body burns more calories every day, eating it will certainly help you get results faster.

While weight training, in addition to losing weight, can also help maintain and increase muscle mass, and improve body composition.

2. Stress

This is the reason for a thin body that may be often forgotten by many people.

Why stress can affect? This is because stress can increase the hormone cortisol which can slow down the metabolic process. So, if stress occurs frequently, your body will not be able to burn as many calories as it should.

However, stress can also affect weight loss. But weight loss due to stress is not a good thing because it is not your own desire. Lantana is under too much pressure, a person can feel not hungry and eat less than usual.

3. Lack of sleep

Apart from exercise, eating patterns, and stress, other factors that also affect one’s body weight are getting enough sleep or rest. Sleep is very important because it gives the body time to rest.

Sleep can prevent a person from fatigue, which fatigue can make the body more likely to want foods that are high in carbohydrates and high-fat foods. Of course, it will be able to make your weight loss program fail.

The three points above are some of the causes of the body’s difficulty being thin despite exercise. Apart from exercise, a healthy diet, stress, and adequate rest will greatly help you to get fast results.

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