Do not Want to be Underestimated, This Man Successfully Lose Weight to 43 Kg

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Do not Want to be Underestimated, This Man Successfully Lose Weight to 43 Kg

Do not Want to be Underestimated, This Man Successfully Lose Weight to 43 Kg

Do not Want to be Underestimated, This Man Successfully Lose Weight to 43 Kg

Disclaimer: The results obtained may vary depending on the body situation of each user.

Motivation to change a healthy lifestyle can come from anywhere. Yes, that is also what happened to Nanang Effendi, who was ultimately determined to adopt a healthy lifestyle before finally succeeding in reducing the ‘per kilogram’ body weight. Just imagine, from the initial weight of 109 kg has now managed to shrink to 66 kg.

Fantastic is not it? The transformation of his body which now has the ideal shape is not obtained without a struggle, even the man born in Lumajang on December 25, 1991, had experienced ups and downs. If a lot of fitness mania lose weight because it is motivated by idol figures, but it is different from Nanang. The reason is simple, he just wants to be glanced once by the opposite sex. Formerly, many of her female friends only considered herself to be a fat, funny, and cheerful man who could break the boredom of her friends.

Because of that basis, he was determined to lose weight and try hard to shape his body until finally transformed into a more proportional body shape. “Many people laugh at my initial motivation, but I am even proud. Because of that motivation, I was finally able to take me to the ideal body shape, “said the man who was registered as a student at one of the private universities in Malang.

Diet and Exercise Patterns Applied

Nanang revealed, to lose tens of kilograms of body weight he needed quite a long time. How not, for 1 year 2 months spent with exercise routines and maintaining diet. “Of course, in that interval, there must be boredom. However, for me it is humane. I once for a whole week was too bored with exercise routines. Yes, that only happened not more than a week, “he said.

Nanang’s success in losing weight invited many colleagues to be curious. Not infrequently, many questions about the diet method used by him. Nanang only claimed that his diet method only paid attention to his diet. According to him, what needs to be understood is the concept of the diet itself. Previously, he considered that the diet is a reduction in food in terms of portions and quantity. Apparently not, Nanang realized that the actual diet is an eating pattern.

“Just like other healthy foods, for protein, I get it from egg whites, tempeh, and which is contained in other animal proteins. For carbohydrates, I chose brown rice and fiber intake comes from vegetables, “he said.

For the intensity of the exercise, Nanang did it 5 times a week. The training program has been designed for every day. Monday practicing chest and triceps. Tuesday only does aerobic exercise. Wednesday focused on the back and bicep. Furthermore, Thursday is used for the rest days. Followed by Friday practicing shoulder and triceps. Saturday used a full day’s rest and last Sunday he used to practice leg and abdominal.

“Usually the duration of the exercise is not more than one hour. The number of sets and reps also adjusts to recovery power and stamina, “he concluded.

So, keep the spirit Nanang and hopefully, his story can motivate other mania fitness!

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