Ectomorph Body Transformation Begins with Social Media

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Ectomorph Body Transformation Begins with Social Media

Ectomorph Body Transformation Begins with Social Media

Ectomorph Body Transformation Begins with Social Media

Having the ideal body shape is a dream for Dhamar. Yes, the man whose full name is Dhamar Adhi Susetyo does indeed claim to have an ectomorph body shape, which tends to be thin since childhood.

Dhamar claimed to have long wanted ideal and muscular body shape. Therefore, various methods have been done in the hope of immediately getting the body shape he wants. “Starting from consuming milk, eating more portions, to follow the lifestyle of obese people. However, this method still does not work, “Dhamar said.

Had Minder Enter the Gym

That had made him give up. But Dhamar returned excited when he saw the profile picture on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) social media, his friend who used to be both ectomorphs. However, his friend’s body has been transformed into a more full and muscular ( lean ).

As if not wanting to lose, Dhamar began to find out the best tips through his friend. Finally, the man from Hamlet, Karangsari, Pengasih, Kulon Progo chose to start weight training around his residence.

It was not an easy matter actually for Dhamar to enter the gym given his ’emaciated’ body. But with unanimous determination, the man born on May 5, 1994, began weight training in the gym with enthusiasm. “Finally, I ventured to come to the nearest gym even though with a sense of dug dig dug extraordinary,” explained Dhamar.

For weight training with the guidance of a trainer, Dhamar claimed to schedule training 5 times a week with a duration of 1-1.5 hours each session. For him, weight training is the best way to build a leaner body.

Dietary Management and Supplements

For Dhamar, protein regulation is the main key to the muscle-building program that he runs. The diet itself is actually not much different when you have not started the program. But the difference is protein intake.

“A 4x day meal with details of the morning: big meals as usual (it’s up to what’s important to be full); lunch: big meal as usual (it’s up to the important thing full); after exercise: (Egg whites 6-8 eggs or chicken breasts); night: eat big as usual (it’s up to the important thing to be full), “Dhamar said explaining about his eating patterns.

Not only that, but Dhamar also added protein supplementation so that the formation of his body was immediately achieved. And the choice is Prostar 100% Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition. According to him, this supplement is very important for the FAST formation and recovery of muscles after exercise.

Remain, Proud, Although Not Yet Champion

After a routine exercise and adjusting eating patterns, Dhamar successfully gained weight from 49 kilograms to 57 kilograms in just a short time. Not only that, but his body shape now also looks quite muscular ( lean ). Certainly, with his body shape, Dhamar claimed to be more confident in his activities.

To increase his motivation in the world of fitness, the man who is also a fan of futsal admitted that some time ago he first participated in a body contest event in one of the malls in Yogyakarta.

“Even though I didn’t win, it was a new experience for me,” said Dhamar.

Although not yet won, but that is not a reason for Dhamar to stop training. And the future target itself is to increase muscle mass and win prestigious body contest events in the country such as the Ultimate Body Contest (UBC).

Good luck Dhamar! (ctr)

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