Empty Stomach Exercise Isn’t It Lucky?

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Empty Stomach Exercise Isn't It Lacky?

Empty Stomach Exercise Isn't It Lacky?

The question above is often raised by many people when I give the advice to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning. Sports that I recommend are usually only in the form of light cardio exercises such as brisk walking.

Empty Stomach Exercise Isn't It Lacky?
Empty Stomach Exercise Isn’t It Lucky?

There is a bit of a misunderstanding in the minds of ordinary people. They think that if you want to be thin, you have to exercise because exercise will burn fat. So they began to do aerobic exercise, jogging, even to the gym and start training by running for 1 hour. But in fact, he lost 1-2 pounds at most and did not change again after that.

What I say is wrong, we want to burn fat and fat is our body’s energy reserves. If the name is BACKUP, then it will not be used as long as our main energy source is not used up. If we eat first then we do sports (light cardio), then what will be burned is the food we just ate. I’m not talking about Fitness and other high-intensity sports, this case is only for light cardio (brisk walking for example).

And when people say “Exercise is empty stomach right limes?” Meaning they assume that without energy from food, which is strong if the body is used for exercise. But back again, we want to burn fat in the body or want to burn food that just entered? If we want to be thin, surely the choice is in the first right? We want to burn the BACK of energy, which means, do not add new energy from food, so that reserves are used.
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Mild morning exercise on an empty stomach should be done more than 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour for the best results. If it’s only 15 minutes, then what is burned is still the remains of last night. Including glycogen and blood sugar, which will be burned first. About more than 20 minutes before the fat will be used more as a source of energy.

Usually marked by our stomach that starts feeling hungry, don’t stop immediately and eat because it’s a sign that sugar is running out and fat will be used. If you exercise for 20 minutes, and you feel hungry then stop and eat. Then the fat can not be burned.

So make sure, moderate exercise (brisk walking) for about 45-60 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach, only after completion, a complete breakfast, starting from carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Do it regularly then within 1-2 weeks the results have begun to be seen.

Hopefully, these tips can help you reduce body fat easily. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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