Fat loss

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Fat loss diet plan Fat Loss Workout

Fat loss diet plan Fat Loss Workout


Fat loss Having an ideal body shape is certainly everyone’s hope. Some people feel their bodies are too thin, while many people feel they have excess fat that they want to get rid of. For those of you who want to lose weight by eliminating excess fat, this guide is specially prepared for you.

What is Fat Loss?

Losing weight is often assumed with Weight Loss, where the main goal and the final result achieved from this process is weight loss regardless of whether it is fat, water, or even muscle mass in the body. For this reason, for those of you who want to lose weight while forming the ideal body, it is recommended to do it in a healthy way through the Fat Loss program.

Fat Loss is a bodybuilding program that aims to eliminate excess fat by exercising, adjusting diet, supplementing and getting enough rest. By carrying out discipline and obeying all four aspects, the ideal body will be easily obtained.

How to Reduce Excess Body Fat & Build an Ideal Body?

In the Fat Loss program, you need to pay attention to 4 important points, namely:

  1. A disciplined diet means eating 5-6x a day, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in fat. The goal is to increase the body’s metabolism so that the body burns more fat and calories.
  2. Routine training patterns, meaning that the exercise menu in a week is flat for all parts of our muscles. Even though we only want to shrink the belly, it doesn’t mean we only focus on training the stomach, because that won’t be effective.
  3. Adequate rest patterns, meaning that without adequate rest your metabolism will not run smoothly so that the high quality and quantity of rest will greatly help you reach your goals.
  4. The right supplement pattern, it means we must be smart in choosing the right type of supplement to help your fat loss program.

This Fat Loss program guide is arranged in the form of stages to facilitate you in understanding the important keys that determine the success of your diet.

What happens when you lose fat?

To understand the answer, it helps to remember that fat is essentially stored energy. Your body converts fat into energy available to other muscles and tissues through a complex series of metabolic processes. This will shrink your fat cells.

These metabolic activities also generate heat, which helps you maintain your body temperature and waste your product. This wastewater and carbon dioxide – are excreted from urine and sweat, or are exhaled from the lungs.

How To Reduce Body Fat In 12 Easy Steps

Follow these simple tips to help lower your body fat and detect the six-pack abs.

Fat Loss
Fat Loss

Perfect six pack abs is not a myth. In fact, you already have it – it’s just hidden under belly fat. Moreover, since you cannot reduce the location of fat in a particular area (whether it is through a macrometer test or the Internet), the key to reducing belly fat is to reduce your total body fat percentage. The magic number is 10% of the abdominal muscles in the middle, but reducing body fat has many health benefits.

First of all – very simple – will live longer. The higher the body fat percentage, the lower the life expectancy. Being overweight or obese can dramatically increase your chances of dying from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other health problems.

But losing weight not only helps you live longer, but it also helps you have more fun from a longer life. Many studies have shown that weight loss can increase mood and enthusiasm, makes food taste better, improves libido and sexuality, helps the brain brainstorm, and reduces unhealthy habits spending.


So, the benefits of slimming for physical and mental health are obvious, but how do you get there? Eating healthy and regular exercises are the first steps for you, but in addition, each of these small changes will help you make a difference.

1. Reduce your daily intake of liquid calories Fat Loss Step 1

One of the things that will definitely help you solve the problem when trying to lose body fat is to stop drinking too many calories, especially those that are high in sugar and nutritious. According to a study by Virginia Tech, total daily calories from liquids dropped from 17% to 11% with the same amount of water instead of the daily soda cans. Up to 10% of calories recommended by the authorities. A can of popcorn can contain about 35 grams of sugar – enough to cause high blood sugar levels and breakdown, making you hesitant to suffer from sugar. According to the University of Sydney study, sweeteners in the diet can increase hunger, so that you can increase hunger – so the best option is calorie-free soda. Add fruit wedges to taste.

However, not only should you be careful of anything in the soda can. Each cup of OJ contains more sugar than a foamy drink, but replacing it with a real and delicious orange juice not only reduces the number of calories but also provides all other nutrients that are naturally removed during the juice extraction process. More specifically, it provides you with fiber that helps suppress excess blood sugar levels.

2. Get enough Kip Fat Loss Step 2

Fitness model and Peter Alex Crockford said: “The goal is seven to eight hours.” “The body at rest is muscle growth and recovery after exercise.” If you practice like a demon, but fall asleep like a night carnival in the nineties. You will be stressful and eventually tighten your weight.

3. Exercise once or twice a week Fat Loss Step 3

Drill the fat burner Crockford. Set the timer to three minutes. Make five draws, ten jumping box movements, 15 motors, and 20 kettlebell swings, then repeat as good a PE as possible until the time is up. Take a break for 60 seconds and repeat two to four sets. “Keep the total number of salespeople,” Crockford said. “This is your score. Call it next time.”

4. Eat more Fat Loss Step 4

Yes, you are right however, the key is downloading content. “Green vegetables are added to every meal,” said Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition. They are nutritious but low in calories – so they can make you plump without getting fat and keeping you healthy.

5. Drink a glass of water for each meal Fat Loss Step 5

It keeps your body moist and keeps it on your metabolism.

6. Enjoy eating out Fat Loss Step 6

Don’t be the one who orders steamed chicken breasts, as long as you get good protein, vegetables, steaks, and spinach. Just put the french fries for another day.

7. Become stronger Fat Loss Step 7

Not everyone is a priority, but adding more weight will make any sport more intense. A University of Michigan study showed that by adding 1.5 kilograms of muscle to the body, you can burn 1050 calories a week. Strive to make progress in large-scale weight lifting, such as cleaning energy, squatting, and burning fat every time.

8. Slow down Fat Loss Step 8

Low-intensity aerobic exercise (LISS) reduces stress hormones, which is important when cortisol turns you into a fat volume. In addition, slow jogging consumes more calories than sharp short circuits. Better yet, LISS can be actively restored on the second day after intensive training, giving you the best of both worlds.

9. Get a taste for spicier food Fat Loss Step 9

Capsaicin is a compound that makes peppers hot and can also greatly damage your metabolism. Add the paprika to your homemade burger, you made it from scratch, right? – and turn them into a fat-burning feast.

New Body Plan

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10. Drink milk Fat Loss Step 10

There is evidence that calcium deficiency slows metabolism. According to the British Nutrition Journal, half a liter of whole milk contains two-thirds of the calcium in RDI, and people who consume this mineral are thinner than those who do not. Studies have shown that calcium intake through dairy products such as low-fat yogurt or fat-free cheese may also help reduce fat absorption from other dietary sources.

11. Increase your vitamin D content. Fat Loss Step 11

This does not include sitting in the sun for hours. Vitamin D is absorbed from the food necessary to maintain muscle tissue. You can get 90% of the recommended daily intake of 100 grams of salmon. Therefore, eat more fish, eggs, milk, and cereals to increase your income.

12. Put on fiber Fat Loss Step 12

Studies have shown that some fibers can burn up to 30% fat. These studies have found that those who consume most of the fiber have an increase in weight over time. The daily goal is preferably about 30 grams – first, add whole grains from the diet.

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