Know These Important Things Before Going on the Keto Diet

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Know These Important Things Before Going on the Keto Diet

Know These Important Things Before Going on the Keto Diet

Know These Important Things Before Going on the Keto Diet

Have you tried a variety of diets but have not succeeded in your weight loss? Have you ever used the keto diet?

Before explaining various things about diet, do you understand about the diet itself?

So far, maybe there are still many of you who think that the diet is only for weight loss.
In fact, diet is also very important for those of you who want to gain weight.

Because the point is, dieting is managing the best food that suits your program. Whether it’s for fat loss, muscle building, or for maintaining daily health.

But in this article, we will focus on the best diet menu to manage your body.

Diets for weight loss are indeed many types. Like the mayo diet, the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, or the alkaline diet.

There is one more type of diet that quite a lot is implementing. Namely the ketogenic diet.

The Keto Diet Is …

The Keto Diet Is ...
The Keto Diet Is …

Have you ever heard of this type of diet before?

If not, then this article is perfect for those of you who are confused about wanting to implement a diet program like what is right for your body.

The ketogenic diet or also commonly called the keto diet is a diet that implements the consumption of low carbohydrate but high-fat foods.

The keto diet may be almost the same as the low-carbohydrate diet or the Atkins diet (a program to lose weight through the consumption of the most aggressively marketed low-carb foods and, automatically, the most famous – Wikipedia ).

But the difference is in the consumption of high-fat foods.

How to Diet Keto in a Weight Loss Program
How to Diet Keto in a Weight Loss Program

And this type of diet is perfect for those of you who want to lose weight in a short time.

In the normal diet, you usually will probably consume 20-30 percent of fat from daily macronutrient intake.

But when you enter the keto diet program, the carbohydrate intake will be reduced to a minimum and multiply fatty foods. For fat, it can be consumed 60-70 percent.

While this reduction in carbohydrates will cause the body to a metabolic state called ketosis.
In this condition, the body will be very efficient in terms of burning fat into energy.

Also, can make fat into ketones or substances from fat metabolism in the liver which will help provide energy for the brain.

The Benefits of the Keto Diet Are Still Pros & Cons

The Benefits of the Keto Diet Are Still Pros & Cons

The most important benefit of this type of diet is that it can help you lose weight quickly and efficiently.

This ketogenic diet will make your body like a fat-burning machine so it is very effective in weight loss.

Fat burning increases rapidly while insulin drops significantly, due to changes in carbohydrate intake.

The results of several studies have proven that there are several health benefits that can be taken from this ketogenic diet. Of course, in addition to helping you lose weight.

Because it reduces sugar intake from carbohydrates, the effect will be quite large in reducing blood sugar and insulin levels.

Although said to provide health benefits in addition to losing weight, the ketogenic diet also still raises debate.

This diet is simply to reduce carbohydrates drastically or to a minimum. That means that your body must get a new main source of energy.

And that source is fat.

Ketosis itself is very different from ketoacidosis, which is the main cause of death of diabetics under the age of 24 years.

Ketosis is identified by the presence of ketones in the bloodstream, chemicals produced by the body when burning stored fat.

The ketogenic diet has been proven effective in helping control seizures in some people who have a history of epilepsy.

Even so, changing the selection model and method of dieting will almost certainly have complications.
In this case including the keto diet.

Such as the risk of muscle shrinkage, fatigue, and of course related to the yo-yo diet.

However, some researchers believe that this type of diet can provide quite good benefits provided that it suits its purpose.

“Mostly, adults will get good enough benefits by reducing significant carbohydrates,” Susan A Masino, professor of applied sciences at Trinity College, Connecticut, was quoted as saying on

“However, strictly implementing this diet is impossible or unrealistic for those who do not have specific health goals,” he added.

Meanwhile, nutritionist Dr. Samuel Oetor, MS, Sp. Gk said that there are some things that must be considered before implementing this diet program.

“Yes, it takes six months at the most. Ideally three months, but not to exceed six months, “he quoted from

He continued that for this diet, 100 percent of the fat consumed is divided into two. Namely 20 percent saturated fat and 80 percent polyunsaturated fats such as avocados and fish oil.

So for those of you who really want to lose weight fast, then this ketogenic diet can be recommended for you.

But the thing to remember is that you should not apply for this diet program too long. The ideal time is for 3-6 months maximum.

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