Lose Weight Need Consistency and Totality!

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Lose Weight Need Consistency and Totality!

Lose Weight Need Consistency and Totality!

Lose Weight Need Consistency and Totality!

To lose weight, Tommy is very consistent. The result, he could lose weight to 40 kg in just 3 months.

In an effort to shape the body, adjust the diet (diet) and also hard training are the main requirements that must be done. But it’s not enough just that, a unanimous determination also needs to be done to be consistent with his fitness goals. This is also done by Tommy.

For this man whose full name is Kartiko Hutomo MS, if you want something, including the ideal and muscular body shape, then mobilize all your abilities to immediately get the desired results.

When Tommy weighed around 108 kilograms, he felt he was already too big so many pants were too small. Do not want his body increasingly ‘bulging’ and to live healthier with a proportional weight, Tommy finally decided to start a diet and exercise.

Beginning to Lose Weight, Diet Still ‘Inconsequential’

Before going on a diet, the diet that Tommy goes through every day is quite messy. “Just eat without caring how many calories come in,” explained the man born in Semarang, January 14, 1979.

Indeed, at that time, Tommy admitted that he had long been a hobby of sports such as basketball and jogging. However, such a messy diet makes her body weight increase.

Likewise, at the start of the diet, Tommy claimed that he was still living it in a mess. However, after getting to know Denny Santoso and DuniaFitnes.com, he slowly began to go on a truly orderly diet.

For the sake of Lose Weight, Start a Healthy Diet and Lift Weights

After getting to know the right diet tips, Tommy’s diet is eating 5-6 times a day with smaller portions. The man who likes black is claimed to use the high protein low carb method for 5 days a week. Meanwhile, Saturday-Sunday is used as Tommy’s cheating day.

Not only start with the right diet, for exercise also begins to increase, including weight training. “I exercise 5 times a week with a duration of 1-2 hours,” said Tommy.

The man who lives in Perum Bumi Bekasi Baru Utara, Rawa Lumbu, East Bekasi explained, the pattern of weight training itself varies. But certainly, before training to warm up, continued weight training, and ends with cardio training for approximately 30 minutes.

“Sometimes it is interspersed with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) training,” he explained.

Meanwhile, to support the results of exercise and diet, Tommy did not forget to provide adequate rest time and support for supplementation of Iso Sensation 93 from Ultimate Nutrition.

“Supplements have been very instrumental in my success in building muscle because of their enormous role in meeting my daily nutritional needs, especially protein,” Tommy added.

After undergoing a healthy diet and regular exercise, Tommy managed to lose weight. That starts from 108 kilograms to 68 kilograms. EXTRAORDINARY!

For Tommy, there are almost no specific obstacles in running the program. According to him, if everything is done with enjoyment and there is not the slightest sense of compulsion, then everything will be lived easily.

There is a unique story during Tommy’s body transformation. When you first upload photos of his post-diet body shape, many do not believe and say that the photo is a hoax and photoshop edits.

“Perhaps many do not believe. Indeed, my body transformation is relatively short, only about 3 MONTHS ONLY, “answered Tommy.

Tommy advised fitness mania, enjoy all the processes and don’t just focus on the final results. If you can enjoy every process, it will be much easier for you to shape your body as you wish.

“Just intend to live a healthy life, if then the body becomes ideal and muscles become formed, just think of it all as a bonus,” Tommy concluded as he advised. (ctr)

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