Mission Possible Extras

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Mission Possible Extras

Mission Possible Extras

Mission Possible Extras

Disclaimer: The results obtained may vary depending on the body situation of each user.

Although it was called impossible to succeed, this man finally succeeded in changing the opinion to be possible. According to the man who is familiarly called Ekstray, there is no dictionary impossible in his life to have a healthy and proportionate body.

That’s the glance of the owner’s full name Eko Surya Prayitno. Before getting to know the gym, Ekstray had a body shape that was arguably less proportional, especially stomach problems. At that time, the man who was born in Jakarta, May 12, 1980, had a weight of 82 kilograms and his stomach was protruding forward, aka distended.

Understandably, Ekstray said that at that time the diet that was lived was not well ordered. “This condition makes my activities and works hampered,” he said. Not only that, according to the man who addressed at Sawangan Permai Block A9 No.18, Depok, a distended stomach can also reduce his health condition.

Starting from this situation, Ekstray intends to run a diet program (dietary regulation) and also a routine exercise that began in October 2013. It also happened that his intention was also supported by the location of the gym near his home. “Besides being fully supported by my wife, also because I want to have a healthy body condition,” he explained.

When you first exercise in the gym, some colleagues call if the effort would be in vain. “My trainer had said that my distended stomach would be difficult or even not disappear,” recalled Ekstray. This impression did not discourage him from being serious in practicing.

Every morning before leaving for work, Ekstray routinely conducts bodyweight training such as push-ups, sit-ups, and leg raises. Every day except Friday, Ekstray also does weight training and cardio at Central Gym, Depok. During the holidays, the man who likes chest exercises trains twice a day in the morning and evening.

Not only the exercise routine, to realize his desires, Ekstray also set the right diet after following guidelines from DuniaFitnes.com. In the morning, he had breakfast with oatmeal and banana plus supplements. In the afternoon, Ekstray ate brown rice with fish or egg side dishes supplemented with supplements. In the evening, Ekstray claimed not to eat food but replaced with nutritious fruit juices.

To optimize the results of the diet and exercise, do not forget to choose the best supplements from Ultimate Nutrition such as Ultra Ripped Fast Acting Formula, Iso-Cool, and also Amino 2000. According to him, this supplement is very high quality so it is very supportive of his fitness program.

Approximately 6 months of regular diving practice, Ekstray finally succeeded in expelling a distended stomach and turned it into a sixpack. As a bonus, Ekstray also began routinely participating in contests such as UBC (Ultimate Body Contest). “Following an event like UBC makes me even more motivated to keep my body ideal and healthy,” he explained.

“I managed to prove that the impossible would be possible if we focus on what we want and try hard,” concludes Ekstray while ordering. Good luck, Extrem! (ctr)

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