More Physical Physicality with Ideal Body Weight

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More Physical Physicality with Ideal Body Weight

More Physical Physicality with Ideal Body Weight

More Physical Physicality with Ideal Body Weight

Disclaimer: The results obtained may vary depending on the body situation of each user.

Because of physical limitations that are weakened due to excess weight, the man whose full name is Bayu Aslama Zulfikar Ahmad is motivated to lose weight. The result, Bayu successfully lost weight by 20 kilograms.

Before starting to enter the lecture bench, Bayu has actually succeeded in carrying out a diet and successfully lost weight from the original 92 kilograms to 72 kilograms. However, due to the dense lectures and other activities, the diet was stopped. Coupled with an arbitrary eating pattern, rarely exercise, and lack of rest. The result, Bayu gained weight again to 88 kilograms in just a few months!

With his weight, Michael Kors Apple Watch Band activity tracker Bayu, who is also a member of the basketball team at his campus, admitted that he is physically weaker. Do not want to be defeated by weight, the man born in Surabaya, February 1, 1996, decided to go back on a diet.

This time Bayu really intends to go on a diet because he wants to have an excellent physical body. “Until now I have adopted a 5-6x diet a day by consuming low carbs & high protein,” said the man who also always avoids these oily and spicy foods.

Not without obstacles, often Bayu is faced with temptations that can interfere with his diet program. That is, when you visit a friend’s or neighbor’s house, he is often treated to greasy and sweet food. But all of that is not a significant obstacle as long as we intend and strive for hard work in this diet, “explained the 173.5 cm tall man.

In addition to regulating eating patterns, Moncler armoise albizia 2 Bayu also restarted routine exercises. In fact, he can train 6-7 times a week both weight training and cardio training. “I like HIIT and E-HIIT exercises because it can burn fat quickly and lift weights to build a body (muscle) stove,” he said.

To support the results of exercise and diet, Bayu did not forget to take supplements. Prostar 100% Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition was chosen to fulfill daily protein needs, Creatine Monohydrate to increase muscle size, and Ultra Ripped Fast Acting Formula as additional energy and burn fat.

With her diet program this time, Bayu managed to lose weight from 88 kilograms to 68 kilograms. Even though it was successful, Bayu was not just satisfied. This man who likes black and blue wants his lean body to the maximum with a six-pack carved in his stomach. Michael kors abbey backpack access review, In addition, Bayu also wants to take part in the Ultimate Body Contest (UBC) event to further motivate him.

Of course, with the current weight balanced with diet and exercise routine makes the physical body more excellent. Not only that, but Bayu now also appears more confident with ideal body weight. “The ideal body is not formed instantly. Guys have to work hard because girls know which ones are one-pack and which ones are sixpack. Hard and consistent work is the key, “Bayu ordered. (ctr)

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