Apply 12 stretching exercises Secret Techniques To Improve Stretching

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12 stretching exercises to gently soften

Stretching exercises Whether you are a seasoned sportsman or casual, stretching is essential to recover, chase aches and gain flexibility. Discover these simple gestures that do good.

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  1. Chest, legs, thighs
  2. Hamstring / stretching the bow
  3. Calves, shoulders, and hamstrings
  4. Hips (A) 4th
  5. Hips (B) 5th
  6. Lower back (A)
  7. Lower back (B)
12 stretching exercise to gently soften

In all sports, training is essential to performance. Often forgotten, stretching plays an important role in maintaining a good physical shape. They help with recovery, prevent aches, increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. These exercises are performed after warm-up or half an hour after exercise by performing slow and gentle movements, without forcing on the muscles or joints.

1. Whole-body stretch stretching exercises

1. Whole-body stretch stretching exercises

Movement:  On tiptoe, push your hands as high as possible then stretch your entire body. 

Tip:  Inhale while stretching and exhale while relaxing

2. Back stretching exercises

2. Back stretching

Movement:  The ostrich technique! Place your head in your arms, look at the floor. No question of raising the chin! Your hands are joined with your fingers intertwined, your knees are bent, your legs spread at the same level as the width of your hips. To avoid hurting your back, remember to tilt your pelvis forward. 

Tip:  This movement allows you to mobilize your spine and stretch your back. To practice from time to time if you are tense.

3. Round backstretch, hollow back stretching exercises

. Round backstretch,

Movement:  Some call this exercise “the exercise of the cat”. It’s all about getting on all fours and digging your back, then doing your back round. Ideal to relax, especially in the morning when you wake up!

Tips:  When arching, do not lower your head too much. For both actions, keep your legs slightly apart. Handle with care if you have back problems. Perform these two exercises alternately.

4. Extended back stretching exercises

4. Extended back

Movement:  Sitting on your knees on the ground, lean your back slightly, stretch your arms and go for the heels. 

Tip:  You can perform this knee motion with a chair in the back to stretch the trapeziums and stretch your arms further. 

5. Relaxation stretching exercises

5. Relaxation stretching

Movement:   Stretched legs, try to touch your feet with your hands. If this goal seems insurmountable, go little by little. The first day, you will only reach the level of your ankles but over time, trying gently, you should gain flexibility.

Tip:  This exercise is also recommended after exercise, but always within limits. If you are not very flexible do not force yourself to touch your feet.

6. Shoulder stretching exercises

6. Shoulder stretching

Movement:  Spread arms and push with your hands as far as possible on the sides. During this movement, your legs are spread wide and your knees slightly bent. 

Tip: Be careful not to make sudden movements, you must stretch your arms gently.

7. Triceps stretching exercises

7. Triceps stretching

Movement:  Raise one arm, then, gently, move your hand behind your neck, on your back. The other hand will catch the elbow that is in the air, to gently pull it to the head. 
Repeat this gesture with the other arm.

Tip:  If you perform this exercise correctly, you should feel the stretch of muscle between the armpit and the inside of the elbow.

8. stretching exercises the arms

stretching  the arms

Movement:  If you have used your triceps during a Swedish gym session, Zumba or another fitness class, use this exercise to stretch. Put your right arm in front of your neck, stretch it to the maximum. With your left hand, gently press on your right elbow. Do not force! The same exercise with the other arm.

Tip:  Ideally keep the position one minute. 

9. Quadriceps stretching

9. Quadriceps stretching

Movement:  An exercise to stretch the muscles in the front of your thigh. Raise your foot and gently grab your ankle from the back. A difficulty in this exercise: you will have to keep the balance.

Tip:  Here are tips that will also protect your back: bend your support leg and most importantly tilt your pelvis forward. Try to hold a few tens of seconds. If balancing is too difficult at first, you can lean against a wall! This stretch also exerts your balance.

10. Hamstring stretching

10. Hamstring stretching

Movement:  Here is another exercise to stretch the muscles of your thigh. Spread your legs wide and then squat down to one side, slowly. Then put your fingers on the ground, as for the start of a race. One of your legs stays tense to the side. You must feel the muscles of your thigh stretch.

Tip:  As with other actions, do not force! The tip of your foot can be pointed towards the ceiling or side. Keep your back straight.

11. Calf stretching

11. Calf stretching

Movement:  Put your hands on a wall, arms almost stretched. Bend one leg close to the wall, the other remains tense at the back. Move your weight forward, so you must feel the muscles in the back of your thigh and calf. Keep your back straight. Then change your leg.

Tip:  Keep the position for one minute.

12. Gluteal stretching exercises

12. Gluteal stretching

Movement:  To stretch your gluteal muscles, here is an exercise well known to sports teachers. Sit on the ground, put one leg over the other, knee high. Then put the opposite elbow on this knee and gently press while turning your bust backwards. Hold your upper body with your knee stuck to your chest. Then repeat this exercise on the other side.

Tip:  If you feel the gluteal stretch, you are on the right track.

Body stretching exercises

Body stretch
Torso Strech Stand
Body stretch
Seated Torso Reach
Seated Trunk Twist
Body stretch
Standing Torso Reach

Shoulder Stretching

Shoulder Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Shoulder Stretch

Chest Stretching

Chest Stretch
Chest Stretch

Neck Stretching

Neck Stretching
Neck Stretch

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