The Amount of Water To Be Drank During Exercise

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The Amount of Water To Be Drank During Exercise

The Amount of Water To Be Drank During Exercise

The Amount of Water To Be Drank During Exercise

Drinking water after exercise is very important indeed. However, drinking water is also very well done before and during exercise. Here is how much good water to drink when exercising.

Drinking water after exercise can make the body not lack of fluids. The reason is, after each exercise, our bodies will lose a lot of fluids. Therefore, drinking water after exercise is absolute.

If the body lacks fluids (dehydration), then several problems can arise. Such as dizziness, fatigue, or cramps. Well, here is how much water we should drink before practice, during exercise, or after exercise.

1. Before training

One or two hours before exercise, you should drink as much as 400-500 ml of water. And 15 minutes before exercise, drink 200 ml of water.

2. When practicing

Drink as much as 177 ml every 15 minutes of exercise. If the exercise is intense enough for a long time or in hot weather, drink sports drinks or drinks that contain electrolytes.

3. After practice

Weigh yourself before and after your practice. Drink 500 ml of water for every half kilogram of weight loss.

To find out if your body has excess or lack of fluids, try checking your urine. If it is clear, then you have excess fluid. As for the dark color, that means you are less fluid.

Hydration is complicated because too little fluid can cause dehydration and too much fluid can cause hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a low level of sodium or sodium in the blood.

Always try to consume enough fluids during practice and afterward. Even so, also do not consume excessive fluids. Have a good practice. (ctr)

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