The Art of Tattoos Changes This Man’s Body to More Athletics

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The Art of Tattoos Changes This Man's Body to More Athletics

The Art of Tattoos Changes This Man's Body to More Athletics

The Art of Tattoos Changes This Man’s Body to More Athletics

Disclaimer: The results obtained may vary depending on the body situation of each user.

Enjoying the art of body tattoo or better known as body tattoos is her passion. Yes, that is why Dhimas Satrio R made his body as a medium like a canvas. His tattoo is spread all over his upper body. But for the man who is familiarly called Samid Yakuza, there is still something lacking to perfect the tattoos. That is because Dhimas’s body does not have ideal body weight. The proportion of the height of only 167 cm plus 86 kg of body weight makes it unbalanced. This is compounded by the condition of his distended stomach, so it does not add to the beauty of his physical appearance.

That was the initial milestone of the man born in Malang, July 21, 1985, until finally, he wanted to transform his perfect body shape by adopting a healthy lifestyle. He was determined to get the ideal body weight and try to awaken the muscles throughout his body. Thomas realized, if you want to do that, ugg outlet Barstow Brisbane then the only way is only by practicing and on a healthy diet. Instantly he also joined one of the gym members near his home.

When training, Dhimas always pay attention to all parts of the body whether it consists of large or small muscles. Training with the pyramid method and circuit training is done to maximize the formation of body muscles. In the training program he made, Dhimas specialized one day to train the lower body. The decline, the lower body is often forgotten. That is why Dhimmis always pays attention to the balance of training so that the formation of muscles in the body is also balanced.

While the diet method applied, Dhimas further reduces carbohydrate and fat intake. Instead, he chose a high protein intake to maintain and form muscle carvings. The mainstay of the food menu is chicken breast, meat, ugg Australia Australia, sea fish, vegetables and fiber. Also not to forget, Dhimas always adds protein shakes like Prostar 100% Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition.

Although the main thing is exercise, supplements provide extra benefits to support the formation of the body. Dhimas is aware that the food he consumes every day can never meet the nutrients needed by the body. This is why Dhimas takes supplements from Ultimate Nutrition. The supplements he chooses include Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer, BCAA, Creatine Monohydrate, and Iso-Cool.

Thanks to its seriousness in exercising and a healthy diet, it is proven that Dhimas’s body weight has dropped to 65 kg. His body also transformed into an ideal that was equipped with muscle strokes. Michael kors abbey backpack access review Now it is not only the tattoo that looks of artistic value, but its physical appearance is now also increasingly inspiring. Along with this, there were also many achievements of the body contest he achieved. This was shown by following a body contest that had brought him to be a semi-finalist and finalist in several Ultimate Body Contest (UBC) events. Congrats, Samid! (gie)

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