The Right Way of Bulking Begins with Your Food

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The Right Way of Bulking Begins with Your Food

The Right Way of Bulking Begins with Your Food

There are many ways to find the correct bulking program on the internet and other kinds of literature. But mostly, at the time of this program, the discussion was more often directed at the training program.

Hard training is really what you need when you enter the bulking program.

Bulking itself can be broadly interpreted as weight gain. However, weight gain is not only derived from fat (greater fat), but greater muscle mass.

But in fact, not a few who deviated from the program. For example, weight gained is from fat that accumulates in the body.

If Ababil doesn’t want this to happen to your program, then set it up early. Namely how to meet calorie needs with proper nutrition.

This article is a guide or how to correct bulking by starting from choosing the right calorie intake.

1. The Right Way of Bulking Begins by Knowing Your Daily Calorie Intake

1. The Right Way of Bulking Begins by Knowing Your Daily Calorie Intake
1. The Right Way of Bulking Begins by Knowing Your Daily Calorie Intake

If you want good results during a bulking program, then you must ensure that you send the right growth signals into the body.

The two main ways when you want maximum bulking is to adjust your diet and exercise.

This article will focus on diets that are needed as the right way of bulking. When you want to increase body mass (forget first whether it is fat or muscle) then you need a surplus of calories.

Simply put, you need to eat more food than is burned by the body during exercise.

The most basic way to start is to find out how many calories your body maintains. This is the balance point where you consume and spend almost the same amount of calories and your weight remains stable.

There are several ways to find out how many calories you need.

  1. Use a calorie calculator that is based on scientific data to help estimate your daily calorie needs.
  2. Eat the exact same amount of calories for one week and check your weight.
  3. If your body weight is stable for one week, then that is the calories your body needs. But if you lose weight, then increase it to 250 calories until your weight remains stable. Conversely, if you gain weight then subtract 250 calories. Do this for about 2 weeks with stable body weight.

This means you should take a few weeks before starting the bulking program. That aims to find out the number of calories you need when your weight is stable.

2. Map Your Calorie Surplus

2. Map Your Calorie Surplus
2. Map Your Calorie Surplus

Now that you know the number of maintenance calories, it is time to start managing food as a proper way of bulking.

Why is knowing the arrival of a calorie surplus important?

If you already know the amount of surplus calories needed, along with their food sources, then it is perfect enough for the body to add more muscle mass.

But if it’s not calculated, then the weight that comes from fat.

You should pay more attention to your calorie sources later when bulking.

For more details you can read the article about 15 Reasons Why It Has Not Succeeded in Gaining Weight and Muscle Mass .

3. Look for your Macronutrient Needs

3. Look for your Macronutrient Needs
3. Look for your Macronutrient Needs

Fulfillment of calories needed by the body during the bulking program, the most important of these three macronutrients. Namely protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

What is the correct way of bulking from this macronutrient intake?

Get Daily Protein Intake

How much protein do you need?

There is a wealth of scientific literature that you can find on the internet and nutrition books, about how to benefit from protein intake.

Meanwhile, some people who are already professional might recommend consuming 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day.

But to start, consuming 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight can also help maximize your bulking program.

Get a PAS Carbohydrate Intake

When the bulking program, the carbohydrate you also really need. In addition to adding energy during training, it can also help speed up your bulking program.

At the time of the fitness program, as usual, you might be advised to consume more carbohydrates as much as 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. This amount is equivalent to 45-55 percent of your total daily calorie needs. This is based on the ISSN Exercise & Sports Nutrition Review notes Research & Recommendations.

Meanwhile, when entering the bulking program, then, of course, you are advised to consume more carbohydrates. Especially when doing intense training.

The recommended carbohydrate intake is approximately 3 grams per kilogram of body weight. This amount is around 55-65 percent of your total daily calorie needs.

Pay attention to Fat Intake

Macronutrients that are no less important are fat intake. The main task of fat here is as an energy source.

And how to find out how many calories from fat needs is very easy. All that remains is to calculate your daily calorie needs minus protein and carbohydrates.

4. Selection of Supplements for Bulking

4. Selection of Supplements for Bulking
4. Selection of Supplements for Bulking

The main focus when dieting is food ( real food ). The nutrition your body needs will be better derived from real food. And this is the foundation.

However, with the help of supplements, your bulking program will also be more PERFECT. Supplements are not magic pills that can overnight make your body bigger. NOT.

For example WHEY PROTEIN.

Sources of protein usually come from chicken, meat, fish or eggs. Of courses these foods are very good for you.

However, sometimes there are times when you feel bored or reduce these foods.

At times like this, you can help with whey protein supplementation.

Its job is to meet your daily protein intake needs.

So it is with CREATINE.

One way that has a significant impact on bulking programs is the intense exercise that you do. A greater volume of exercise can result in a considerable increase in muscle mass.

This is where the role of creatine, which helps increase the volume of your exercise by blasting body energy during exercise and increasing the size of muscle cells. So creatine supplementation is highly recommended for those of you who are implementing a bulking program.

Not only that, there’s more caffeine that helps increase your body’s energy during exercise. And this is also done by many fitness manias in the gym to improve their workout performance.

For the most complex bulking supplementation is like Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer. This supplement from Ultimate Nutrition is a best seller supplement for those who want to gain weight as well as muscle mass. Surely this supplement is the right friend for your bulking program.

5. The Last is Arrange for Rest

5. The Last is Arrange for Rest
5. The Last is Arrange for Rest

Adjust your diet and exercise hard, it is a must when you implement a bulking program.

But what is still quite a lot of mistakes made in the selection of rest periods?

It has been a hard training, a disciplined diet, and supplementation, but why is there still no visible development?

Often not hear questions like the above?

The answer is what about the rest pattern?

It looks trivial indeed. But it is precisely this condition that determines your bulking program.

Many people think that when exercising our muscles will develop. WRONG. Though muscles develop and recover when the body is at rest.

After being hit hard at the gym, the body also needs time to rest so quickly recover and develop. At rest, testosterone production and growth will peak. This is what will encourage muscle growth.

So if you want a perfect bulking program, don’t miss your break. The recommended time for rest or sleep is between 7-9 hours per night.

The conclusion is that the correct way of bulking can begin by preparing your diet. And when all goes well, then don’t forget to get enough rest. Keep workout.

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