This is Nutrition Before Perfect Exercise

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This is Nutrition Before Perfect Exercise.

This is Nutrition Before Perfect Exercise.

This is Nutrition Before Perfect Exercise.

Actually, the fulfillment of nutrition before exercise or after it is very simple. Read this article to find out the best nutrition before and after exercise.

Maybe there are many who do this when during and after exercise in the gym, which is consuming protein shakes. Of course, in the hope that it can help speed up the recovery and development of body muscles.

And this protein shake will really help your body in an anabolic state.

Consumption of protein shakes after exercise seems to have become a dogma that it must be done. Is it really only at this time that the most important part?


Another important aspect that needs attention is also the fulfillment of nutrients both before and during exercise.
Yes, if you really want to get the maximum benefit from exercise, then from now on you have to start paying attention to your nutritional intake before starting an exercise.

Is Empty Stomach Training Really Effective?

Is Empty Stomach Training Really Effective?
Is Empty Stomach Training Really Effective?

Until now, maybe some of you did it. Namely practicing on an empty stomach. Especially when doing cardio training.

Cardio exercise on an empty stomach is believed to help maximize body fat burning.

Indeed, there are some studies that say that when starting to exercise with low intensity and on an empty stomach, the body will oxidize more fat.

However, this does not mean that increased fat oxidation can cause greater fat loss.

Quoted from the page, this was finally solved in a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2014 by conducting research for eight weeks.

The study said that practicing on an empty stomach had no significant effect on changes in body fat when compared to providing light food or when the stomach was filled with food.

Thus, this means that there is no more reason not to eat before leaving for training.

More Exercise Then The Faster Achieve Your Goal

High-volume training will provide tremendous benefits in your program. And it’s true, the main key in muscle growth is training hard.

If you look at all this research collectively, you will see that low reps, heavy loads and high reps, will produce maximum muscle growth.

After reading up to here, you might ask “This article is about nutrition exercise, but why exactly discuss empty stomach and the volume of exercise as the main key to getting maximum benefits?”

Based on these two things, it is very clear that you also need to focus on fulfilling nutrition intake before exercise. Among other things by:

– Know your nutritional intake before perfect exercise
– Certainly to maximize your exercise program

Carbohydrates to Improve Exercise Performance or Ergogenic Aid

Carbohydrates to Improve Exercise Performance or Ergogenic Aid

There have been many studies about nutrition that help improve your exercise performance or what can be called Ergogenic Aid. Including pre-workout supplements that are already available in many markets with various brands.

However, there is one thing that repeatedly shows that this nutrient can really help improve exercise performance. Namely The Mighty Carbohydrate.

Yes. Consumption of carbohydrates before exercise is one of the best nutrients to improve your performance during practice. Why can carbohydrates be the key to your performance?

When you start training with fairly simple intensity, your body will start using muscle glycogen to fuel it during exercise. Over the duration of the exercise, you will begin to use glucose in the blood to keep your body energized.

As published in the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institute of Health in 1993, glucose from food before your exercise starts flowing in the bloodstream shortly after you eat it and will continue for 1-2 hours after you consume it.

Of course, this will be able to give you additional energy directly into the muscle tissue and maintain the performance of your training in order to remain optimal.

Armed with this knowledge, maybe we can already guess that consuming carbohydrates before and during exercise will help improve exercise performance.

Then What about Protein?

Is enough to just carbohydrates as nutrition before exercise? It seems there is still something missing, namely protein.

Yes, protein is equally important and MANDATORY in every muscle-building program. Because it has been proven that protein can make carbohydrates even better in terms of improving exercise performance and certainly is to help improve the process of muscle recovery after exercise.

In the 2006 journal Science Science Sports & Exercise it was said that consuming protein before exercise, especially when combined with carbohydrates was proven to increase muscle growth. Even without carbohydrates, consuming protein alone before exercise can help improve muscle protein synthesis.

So even if you can’t consume carbohydrates before exercise, you can add the best whey protein before exercise.

Nutrition Before Exercise: How Much Should Be Eaten?

Nutrition Before Exercise: How Much Should Be Eaten?
Nutrition Before Exercise: How Much Should Be Eaten?

Now you already know that you really need carbohydrates and protein before exercise. Of course, this is intended to maximize the volume of exercise, recovery, and the benefits you can get.

But how much do you need to consume?

To determine it is indeed tricky, it depends on how much profit you want to get. You can use this simple method:

– If you implement a body split exercise program, consume 20 grams of protein and 60-80 grams of carbohydrates during the 30-60 minutes before exercise.
– If you routinely practice full-body (compound training) and the training session can be extended (more than 90 minutes), consume about 40 grams of protein and 120-160 grams of carbohydrates at 30-60 minutes before exercise.

Don’t Leave Nutrition After Exercise

When talking about whether nutrition after exercise is really important, then there is one word that comes to mind, RECOVERY.

One that is often recommended by those who are experts in sports nutrition, consuming carbohydrates 30-60 minutes after exercise allows your muscle glycogen to recover faster than if you waited longer. This means that your muscle glycogen will certainly not fill quickly if you skip carbohydrate intake after exercise.

While protein is also commonly known that this is one that must be done after exercise. Because protein is the main food for muscles so it is a very important role to help speed up the recovery period and increase muscle growth.

So the conclusion is that both nutrition before training and afterward is very important. Meeting nutrition before exercise is important to help maintain and improve exercise performance. And the fulfillment of post-workout nutrition is important to speed up the recovery period ( recovery ).

Meanwhile, carbohydrates and protein are the main nutrients in the subject this time. Carbohydrates to maintain your performance while lifting protein and help maintain the performance of carbohydrates and help improve your muscle recovery.

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