Underestimated? No way!

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Underestimated? No way!

Underestimated? No way!

Underestimated? No way!

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Having an overweight or overweight person, not just many diseases that lurk. Apart from illness, it certainly can reduce one’s confidence.

This also happened to Wanaka. Yes, the man born in Kediri, May 15, 1984, had previously felt less confident than his body weight. At that time, his body weight reached 98 kilograms or almost 1 quintal. Of course, with this weight, daily activities can be hampered.

In addition to activities that are hampered, having that weight greatly affects her confidence. Not quite up there, many friends who call it ‘Ndut’. And what most disappointed him was when these conditions made him break up with his girlfriend.

“Fat is difficult if you want to have a sexy girlfriend,” said Wanaka.

However, Waisaka was reluctant to get too late in sadness. In fact, the incident was made as a motivation to have a more attractive and ideal body shape. Finally, Waisaka chose to exercise regularly and work out in the gym.

And of course, Waisaka carried on this new activity with enthusiasm. Although not yet carry out a diet program, but the exercise activity can help reduce excess fat levels in the body slowly.

Only in July 2014, Waisaka decided to start a diet so that the formation of the body was successful with more leverage. Because that is the main target of the stomach, Waisaka is more focused on abdominal exercises.

Not to forget, to support the results of exercise and diet, Waisaka always takes the BEST supplements from Ultimate Nutrition like Amino 2000 and Iso Sensation 93. According to him, the best supplement support really helps the muscle-building program it does.

After exercising regularly and adjusting eating patterns, Waisaka finally succeeded in transforming his body. Now, the man who works as a private employee has a lean and muscular body shape.

With his current body shape, Waisaka’s confidence has increased again and is very supportive of daily activities. Wanaka advised, if doing training with discipline, the results obtained will also be as desired.

Disclaimer: The results obtained may vary depending on the body situation of each user.

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